Banquet of Hearts

🍷 An exclusive event 🍷

A deep night wine journey consisted of four parts. Each part has its own special wine, with enchanting music, and a guided, intimate heart sharing space. Throughout the night we will also eat cheeses, fruits and other delicacies to pleasure our mouths and bellies. All of the above will support opening the senses and the heart to receive the gifts of the mystery.

In ancient times, wine was considered the drink of the gods and used ritually in many cultures for more than 9,000 years. In the modern culture where wine and alcohol are easy to get, it is easy to forget the healing qualities of wine and use it as a strategy for escape.

At the Banquet of hearts, we re-sacralize the medicine of the wine and use it as a gate for a deeper connection with our selves, the circle, our lives and the dance of reality.


What Does it involve?

Pick a card to learn about these secret ingredients

The Food
The Music


"The wine ceremonies with Yehoo are a deep, expanding, healing, and multisensorial experience. An enchanting intimate space is being created, taking the participants into deep connection and sharing. Working with wine as a medicine for ritual space feels natural yet very much refreshing"

- Hadas -


Upcoming Banquets

The Banquet of Hearts is a highly exclusive event. Generally, there are up to 12 tickets per banquet. Make sure to book your place in advance.


Amikam, Israel

Special Guests
Amir Bar David [AnnaRf]

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