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משחרר גמל הר כחול פאטרן.jpg

A first "Street Mantra" by Yehoo Shalem is a unique and new mixture: Electronic beats, inspired by Arabian Trap and Middle Eastern melodies, accompany short and repetitive street-like lyrics carrying spiritual messages of love and devotion.
Collaborating with the multi-instrumentalist producer  "
Yogev Levi - Beton Studio's".

אודה לאל עם פרפר צוואר נקי11.jpg

"Od'de La El" ia an Ancient European Jewish prayer in a modern, soul-touching & middle eastern cover. This prayer calls us to pay attention to our soul and to dare to let it shine through us "seven times the light of the dawn."
Produced by "
Yogev Levi - Beton Studio's".


"Shoot your heart into the Mystery..." 
This original song is an invitation to surrender to the mystery of life, to be present, feel our heartbeat, and tune into what is true under our masks and shells.
Produced by Idan Armoni.

breathable final.png

"Nashim" means "Woman" in Hebrew, but it can also mean "Breathable". This song is originally a Lebanese folk lullaby. In a day of sadness, while driving and listening to the original song, the Hebrew words came to Yehoo. In Hebrew, it is a love declaration to the gifts of the woman in all of her chapters of life - Sister, Lover, Mother, and Grandmother. Produced by "Yogev Levi - Beton Studio's".


"No Rules in Love" is originally a Turkish folk song called "kirklar". When Yehoo learned to play it he fall in love with the melody and wrote Hebrew words to it. "No rules in love, no shape for the dance of the flame, and nothing is sweeter than the taste of The Kiss". Produced by Idan Armoni.

Yoniverse spotify final.jpg

"The Yoniverse" song is a calling for reconnection between sexuality and sacredness, a reminder that sex can be prayer. Produced by "Ori Regev - FlorestaBeat"

This song has become an anthem song in the Tantra & Sacred Sexuality global communities.


The song "Unfolding" was written on Sinai beach, Inspired by the desert and the sea. Produced by "Ori Regev - FlorestaBeat"

Yehoo collaborated with Summer Athena Fae on making its music video.


Yehoo's first album "The land of Here" was released thanks to successful crowdfunding. Produced by "Ori Regev - Florestabeat"

music video was made for the first song in the album - "From Here to Here", as part of a Tv show of an Israeli Standup artist, Tom Ya'ar.

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