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We are thrilled that you chose to join our
Online Deep Dive
For ISTA Graduates
Into The Shadow Archetypal Journey

We will meet with an online video call through zoom on Saturday the 11th Of April for a 5 Hours Session with Raffaello Manacorda.  Together we will dive into the shadow work, specifically with the different voices and archetypes coming up in such days of uncertainty.
Times & Time zones

* Tel Aviv / Istanbul - 15:00 - 20:00
* Barcelona / Berlin / Amsterdam - 14:00 -19:00
* London / Lisbon - 13:00 - 18:00
* New York - 08:00 - 13:00

What to prepare

Your Computer with the zoom call opened on it.
Here is the Invite Link -
[An explanation for using zoom is at the bottom if it's your first time]

* Your phone with WhatsApp installed on it. As we might break into couples / small groups through WhatsApp.

* A notebook + Pen

* A quiet space where you can concentrate {recommended]

* Earphones [Optional]

* Join 
This Facebook group, where we will be able to continue sharing and discussing in the following week after the event ends.

How to use zoom

1] Come a few minutes before we start, just in case ;)

2] Click the Zoom Invite link -

3] The following window will open - Don't do anything, Just wait for
a few seconds.


Screenshot (5).png
4] Once the following shows up, Click the "Click Here" Button.
Screenshot (6).png
5] Click the "Start from your browser" button
Screenshot (7).png
6] This window will open, now click "Join Audio by Computer"
If it doesn't show up automatically, you can also reach it alternatively by clicking the "Join Audio" Button at the bottom left corner.
Screenshot (8).png
7] If you like, you can share video by clicking the "Start Video" button at the bottom left of the screen.
Screenshot (9).png
8] Zoom might ask for access to use your computer camera, for my
computer it is in Hebrew, but basically this popup screen will appear
at one of the upper sides of your screen. Click the button that says something like "Allow / It's Ok".
Screenshot (10).png

I hope this helps. If you are still encountering any problem feel free to contact yehoo through Whatsaap - +972-527277080 

Looking forward to Dive Deep With you very soon
With Love

Raffaello & Yehoo

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