The Yoniverse

This is a song for sex magic, for prayer through lovemaking.

Inspired by "Sufi Zikr' Chants that aim for remembrance of God. The Yoniverse song is a chant seeking for the remembrance of the divine lovemaking.


Sex is one of my favorite ways of prayer. In lovemaking, entranced by the depth of intimacy and pleasure, we have the opportunity to forget our names, to touch eternity, and to feel oneness with our beloved and with the whole of creation.



"The Yoniverse"


Lyrics & melody - Yehoo Shalem Ezrahi

Production & Arrangements - Ori Regev

Mix - Noam Levinberg

Master - Yuval Silberstein



Yehoo shalem - יהוא שלם - Lead vocals and back vocals

Amir Bar-david - Back Vocals, Clarinet, Nei

Zazoo Bar Shalom - Back Vocals and laughter

Makatu Roni - Back Vocals

Ori Regev - Back Vocals, Synthesisers, Base guitar, Electric Guitar

Eran Zamir - Oud, Siren

Ido Segal- Violin, Saz, Rabab, Frame Drum, Daf, Rik

Ram Hadar - Tabla


Recorded at Ori Regev - FlorestaBeat Studio, except for lead vocals that were recorded with the guidance of Eran Kats at his studio.


Photo by Arye Domnin

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