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"When drunk with love's wine - body, heart and soul become one"
- Rumi -

What is it?
A wine ceremony is a luxurious, unique, and profound group experience - a mystical journey of remembrance. We use wine as a sacred medicine to open our hearts and expand our consciousness. This is a guided night ceremony full of high-quality wines, delicious foods, professional devotional music by Yehoo Shalem, and activities evoking deep connection.

Yehoo has been hosting dozens of wine ceremonies since 2019 in various places, including Turkey, Israel, and Malta.

Some History
In ancient times, wine and alcohol were considered the drink of the gods and were used ritually in many cultures for more than 9,000 years. In modern times, it is common and easy to forget the sacred qualities of wine, and even abuse it, using it to escape from ourselves rather than to connect with self and the divine. The wine ceremonies are an invitation to reconnect with this ancient medicine in a sacred way and discover its forgotten secrets.

What is the structure?
The night is divided into four rounds of conscious drinking, each with its unique wine and theme.
With each round, we will dive deeper through music, exercises,
meditations, and questions to ponder and share deeply about. Yehoo Shalem guides the wine ceremonies with deep presence and sensitivity, creating a safe space to fully dive, truly reveal, and be real.

What is it for?
A wine ceremony is a perfect and meaningful way to honor any special occasion or life event with your intimate circle of friends, family, or team. The content and structure can be specifically tailored and adjusted to serve your intentions in the best way.
A wine ceremony can help to weave deeper connections within a group while also
 being a meaningful personal and spiritual experience.


"Bring the pure wine of love and freedom. But sir, a tornado is coming. More wine, we'll teach this storm A thing or two about whirling."


What People Say

- Hagar -

 "I never experienced meeting the depth of my soul through wine. There is a Jewish saying "Wine flows in, and secrets flow out", and so it did. The wine, together with the guidance and songs of Yehoo, helped me to release fears and masks and meet myself with love. To remember that I am wonderful and worthy of love just as I am."


Wherever you want, we can come anywhere in the world. It can be a humble setting in your home, a luxurious winery, an ancient castle or any other place for that matter. This is a custom made experience tailored specifficaly for you.

The Music

The music in the wine ceremonies combine original songs by Yehoo, middle eastern medicine and devotional as well as live improvisations inspired by the space and people. Usually Yehoo brings one more proffesional musican with him, yet a bigger band is also possible if you wish.

How many people?

The ideal group size for an indepth journey is around 20 participants or less, and can be as intimate as a private session. Bigger group sizes are also possible, if thats your wish we can talk and adjust accrodingly.

How long?

Usually a wine ceremony is spread over 5-6 hours. It is important that people stay for the whole journey. As we finish the ceremony drunk, it is important to make sure participants can stay over for the night / can take a taxi back home.

Wine and food

We preffer working with local quallity wines and foods. The level of luxury and quallity can varry from humble good quallity to high end stuff, depending on your wish and budget. We can find a local cheff for you or go with someone you want.


Costs varry and depend on various factors like travel expanses and venue, as well as on your specific wishes and vision. For more information please contact us.

Yehoo Shalem

About Me

Yehoo Shalem is a singer-songwriter, Middle Eastern medicine musician, event producer, and a devotee of love.

Yehoo grew up in various spiritual and alternative communities, being exposed from a young age to mystic wisdom and practices. Through his upbringing and in his adult life he met and learned with many spiritual teachers and practitioners from different cultures: Native American Shamans, Buddhists, Sufis, kabbalists, Tantricas, and more.

Yehoo has been hosting wine ceremonies since 2019 in various places around the world, including Turkey, Israel, and Malta. Yehoo guides the wine ceremonies with skill, deep presence, and a sense of humor. Using heart-sharing practices, meditations, and shamanic tools he invites participants to connect deeply. Using music and chants, breath, and ritualistic movement he invites participants into devotional ecstasy. 

Listen to Yehoo's original music.

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